How QEBL can help your business grow



Asset Finance

A loan secured by specific security agreement  is a type of lending facility used to finance business equipment. The asset acts as security for the lender and upon the final payment, the mortgage or bill of sale over the item is released. Like a standard loan facility, the borrower retains ownership of the asset throughout the term of the loan


Funding after a cash purchase

A method of financing where assets are sold to the lender which then concurrently enters into a lease agreement with the customer. The customer remains in possession of the asset for the specified term of the lease and pays a monthly rental. This enables the customer to use the sale proceeds more effectively.

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Unsecured Money

Short term unsecured business finance (funding up to $250,000 usually from terms  as little as 6 months up to 12 months).

These types of loans are particularly useful in the following circumstances:

    • where an opportunity exists to purchase stock at a discount for a limited time;

    • a large order that needs to be fulfilled that requires the purchase of stock;

    • marketing opportunities for a promotion that is time sensitive;

    • where you need breathing room while waiting for clients to pay; or

    • another short term opportunity arises that is beneficial for your business.

Obtaining a short-term business loan (without using your bank security) for the above can be a better option than taking a long term loan where usually additional security is required and the term does not match your finance requirements.


Work Car Finance

A novated lease may be the ideal arrangement for an individual who has the option of receiving a car as part of their salary package. The employer meets the repayments on the lease but the employee is wholly responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance and running costs. Employees assume sole responsibility of the lease should they change jobs for any reason

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Insurance and Registration Finance

With Insurance and Registration being one of the largest annual expenses of most businesses it makes sense to spread the cost by making monthly payments.
We are  able to provide premium funding loans for Commercial Insurance coverage as an alternative and flexible way to pay for your insurance.
The “cash flow” advantages of funding your Insurance and Registration Premiums are that you obtain an Additional Line of Credit which preserves working capital for investment in your business.
The interest charge is fixed for the term, which means that you are protected against any adverse movements in interest rates, and receive a tax deduction for your business.