QEBL know that you work hard to generate sales for the products you sell. The good news is that we provide supplier finance solutions that assist with the sale, all delivered with the professionalism you’ve been waiting for.

Why offer a Finance program?

At QEBL we understand that making a sale requires innovative solutions that are suited to your customers’ requirements. The good news is that QEBL can assist by offering your customers a tailored supplier finance solution.

We find that many suppliers often believe that it is best if their customers arrange their own finance. However, this approach can often lead to your customer being distracted in their day to day business operations or they may not be able to obtain the finance from their usual provider; resulting in them not proceeding with the purchase. By offering finance you will make the process easier for your customer, whilst controlling the entire sales cycle – from start to finish.

We will take the time to understand your sales process and then work with you in developing a solution that communicates your ‘value proposition’ to customers. This program can also prevent your competitors, who are already offering finance, from taking the purchase from you.

QEBL Finance Programs offer the ability to

  • Your customer the ability to make the purchase decision more quickly

  • Better control of the entire sales process

  • Eliminates the need to offer further discounts

How do we work with you to market the Finance?

We will provide some marketing solutions aimed at targeting your clients for finance.

This marketing can include:

  • Training of your Sales team on how to identify finance opportunities

  • Brochures 

  • Simple application forms

Why should you choose QEBL?

  • We have a proven track record in managing 

  • We can help you if you have one location or a number of locations across Australia or also if the client is in a different state to you

  • Our core business is providing Equipment Finance products to Business clients.